Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

To harness the innate wisdom of the body to liberate human potential

Vision Statement SPI

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) was developed by Pat Ogden (founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute – SPI) when she observed that many of us are disconnected from our bodies, physical patterns, and psychological issues.  SP joins somatic therapy and psychotherapy into a method for healing this disconnection between the body and mind.

SP is a complete treatment modality to heal trauma and attachment issues.  It sees the body as an integral source of information for processsing past traumatic events and developmental wounds.  It incorporates the physical and sensory experience, as well as thoughts and emotions to the process of healing.  SP seeks to restore a person’s ability to process information without being triggered by past experiences.

Issues Treated:  


Difficulty concentrating due to fear, upsetting thoughts, or unwelcome body sensations.

Intense and disturbing emotional reactions that seem out of place.

Post-traumatic stress: abuse, atack, accidents, flashbacks, nightmares.

Persistent and regular negative thoughts about onself.


Intensive Psychotherapy