As a trauma therapist, my background in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Ecotherapy blend well. Nature grounds people in such a way that they can better access their built-in instinct to heal.  Ecotherapy can have regenerative powers, improving mood and easing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Stephen Mather, an American industrialist, was a driving force in the creation of the national park system.  He was prone to spells of delibitating depression and mental collapse that required hospitilization.  He found the quiet and rejuvination he needed in nature.

In reference to the National Parks…

They are our antidote for national restlessness. They are national character and health builders. They are giving a new impetus to sane living in this country.

Stephen Mather

National Parks Founding Father

Adventure Therapy in the Grand Canyon

In conjuction with the Wolakota Youth Program, our team took eight at risk teens for a week long immersion on the Havasupai Reservation in the Grand Canyon. 

A  fundamental aspect of the program is to provide opportunities for teens to “pay it forward” as their healing becomes a pathway for outreach.  Not only are they continuing to work on themselves but also creating positive, relationships and memories. They are constantly challenged both physically and metally to become their best possible selves.

My trip to the Grand Canyon was life-changing… ever since I came back from the trip it has been much easier to take control of the thoughts in my mind, heart and soul. For anyone considering this for a family member, friend or even possibly yourself, I highly recommend it.


A Family Camp for Disabilities

Faced with impairment from a post concussive syndrome, the John Doe family was having a difficult time adjusting to Mr. Doe’s cognitive and physical loss.  Mr and Mrs Doe progressed in acceptance of the loss but their children were having a difficult time.  They did not think their children would do well in a clinical environment. 

In response,  we developed the John Doe Family Camp.  Over a series of four weeks, a program was developed in nature to build a stronger sense of family, better identification of emotions and practice with expressive skills.

For me, this was a total experiment. The family was greatful for the experience and the growth they encountered.  And most importantly, it wet my appetite for doing more therapy in  nature.



Intensive Psychotherapy


Energy Psychology

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